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Affiliate shirts

In this section, you will find examples of shirts for our affiliate pages. All imprints are either much cheaper or a certain percentage of each sold item will be paid to the affiliate site.

My project needs a gorgeous shirt too!

Do you manage or own a web page with a theme that matches our page? And would you like to sell shirts with your logo or another personalised print? Then drop us a line.

We accept all pages that have at least remotely nerdy or geeky theme. We define this relatively broadly: hacking groups, software projects, pages on network politics or simply sites dealing somehow with geeky topics or that want to attract geeky customers. If in doubt, just ask, you may be a better fit for us than you think!

We offer you the shirts at cost price. The basic price for a T-Shirt with a one-colour print in our usual high quality is £9.95 (incl. VAT, excl. Shipping), which includes personal support from our shirt specialists. So, if you choose to sell the T-shirt for £19.95, you will be paid £10 per shirt sold! However, please note, that if you do not have a VAT-registered business, we have to deduct VAT from the payment.

Convinced? Then e-mail us at info@getDigital.de and describe your project. If possible, please add the graphic for your desired print.

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