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Socks, sweets, ties, perfume, chocolate? We at getDigital made it our business fighting vanilla presents! Everybody knows them, and could name at least three of them off the top of their heads: the trite souvenirs they had to unwrap, only to simulate joy, while to ponder how to lose them most elegantly at the same time. In order for you to not become one of these people, only browsing best-seller lists and confectionery divisions, we want to help you: On a daily basis we scour our suppliers' product lines, the internet, and our own grey matter for great new ideas for gadgets the world has, unknowingly, been waiting for. You can see the results here. Hundreds of original, creative ideas await you on this site, anticipating to be given as a present by you. We guarantee our gadgets to be sure winners with young and old, man and woman, and colleagues and friends. It doesn't matter how big your budget is or for who you are looking for a gift, you will most assuredly find something that will cause a stir and surprise at every party. From bizarre to useful, everything is enclosed, but one thing all our unusual gadgets have in common: You didn't know they existed beforehand, but once you have unwrapped them, you'll never want to let them go ;) On that note: have fun browsing our recommendations for the best and most unusual gift ideas, perhaps the receiver will let you play sometime too!