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Delivery abroad

Shipping to countries outside the UK

Where do we deliver?

We would be happy to deliver you order to any country! The list of countries that we can ship to can be found on our shipping costs page. If you are from a country that does not appear on this list, please send us an email to the following address: info@getDigital.de to find out shipping costs for the items you want. We can then tell you if we can ship to your country, and will do our best to make it happen (but it might be very expensive).

Time for Delivery

Here you can find the delivery times.


We don't charge VAT for deliveries outside the EU. Once you've selected your country in the shopping cart, the VAT will be subtracted automatically.

Please notice that there will be customs fees if your order is sent to a country outside the European Union. You can find more information about this here.

Shipping Costs

You can find information about shipping costs in the Shipping Costs section, and information regarding possible payment methods can be found here: Payment Options.

If you choose to prepay via bank transfer:

Please note that your bank may charge fees for bank transfers outside the EU. You must pay these fees. If we have to pay any part of these fees, you will have to add them to your order total. Please ask your bank about fees for you account, as they vary from bank to bank. A note for our Swiss customers: we have an account with Postfinance, so you won't have to pay additional fees.