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5 EUR Voucher

Recommend us to your friends and get 5 EUR!

Did you enjoy our shop? Then tell your friends about it and get a 5 EUR voucher for every succesful recommendation! Just complete one of the steps below:

If one of your friends clicks on the link you have sent him, and then sometime later orders for at least 25 EUR, you will get an email with a voucher of 5 EUR. Of course you can combine more than one voucher, so if you for example find 10 friends, you can order for 50 EUR and pay nothing!


It's simple:

  1. generate link
  2. share link
  3. get a 5 EUR voucher

Some rules: We track your friend using a special cookie, which is valid for 90 days. This means that only orders within 90 days after clicking on the link will be tracked. If your friend clicks on the link of some other partner of us before ordering, the sale will be counted for him and not for you. As soon as your friend orders, you will get your 5 EUR voucher by email, but if he cancels his order the voucher will be deactivated. Of course it is not allowed to get vouchers for your own orders and to place and cancel orders just to get vouchers. If we find out about such a case we will ask you to pay for the orders made (so please be honest).