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Star Wars Toys and Merchandise

There is no better triology than Star Wars! Get in touch with Darth Vader, Obi-Wan, R2-D2 and Master Yoda - you'll find all of them here.

Star Wars Merchandise

Our page with Star Wars Fan Items For everyone who knows what the colours of the light sabres mean, which combat suit Boba Fett wears, what happens at the birth of an Ewok, what VSY stands for, which planet Han Solo is from and how Chewbacca got affiliated with the daredevil rebel. And of course for everyone who still wants to learn all this and just wants to have fun with the greatest and best space opera of all time and wants to show this with Star Wars Merchandise.
You will find all sorts of products that put some Force feel into everyday life. From episode I to episode VI there is creative Star Wars merchandise ranging from bottle openers and bathing robes to almost real light sabres. Whether you want to honour the original and only true trilogy or greet the future movies - our Star Wars fan items are perfect :)