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The Big Bang Theory T-Shirts and Merchandise

Sheldon, Leonard, Howard und Raj - not to mention the cute and beautiful Penny - if TBBT is your favourite sit-com, check out this stuff:

Big Bang Theory fan items: the coolest Big Bang Theory shirts here in our shop

Geeks have rarely been portrayed as authentically and lovingly made fun of as in Chuck Lorre's show about the two physicists Leonard Hofstadter (IQ: 173, comic fanatic, sci-fi expert, lactose-intolerant) and Sheldon Cooper (IQ: 187, immunity against sarcasm, video game lover, anal-retentive, Spock disciple). Together with Penny, Howard and Rajesh the lovable sociopaths experience the adventures of normality. And because the show fits us so nicely, we of course have a separate sections for Big Bang Theory Merchandise with the coolest Big Bang Theory T-shirts and gadgets.
Everyday geek life has rarely been examined so correctly and treated with a hefty portion of self-irony like here. The real attraction is that many jokes only unravel their full scope if the viewer himself has a certain basic knowledge about physics because the show is known for scientific correctness. Therefore The Big Bang Theory is not only a sitcom about but also for geeks.
And that's why it is an honour to wear The Big Bang Theory merchandise and The Big Bang Theory shirts with Sheldon's famous quotes or to show your love for Bazinga.
So: Have fun browsing our The Big Bang Theory merchandise products!

Math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries
That all started with the big bang!