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The Walking Dead T-Shirt

Fey or undead, all Redshirts are doomed.

The Walking Dead T-Shirt

Fey or undead, all Redshirts are doomed.

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Description: The Walking Dead T-Shirt

The crew of security are the cannon fodder of the Enterprise, as we all know. And they tend to face their ends in less than exciting ways most of the time, right? It seems they have never worked out that they are always (like, ALWAYS!) the first to get chopped on a landing party mission. Okay, Chekov might have had an idea when he was appointed as chief of security in the original Trek timeline! And in the new Trek timeline he even got to wear a red shirt... Uh-oh...

But those poor Redshirts... they perished so often and so quickly that they've kind of got their own club!

In the end, the Redshirts are just the living dead, aren't they? Quasi zombies. And zombies never get that their life is over, either. Or at least that it should be over. So they all just wander around, unimpressed by the adversities of the world. Well, what else is there to do all day?!

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